March 21, 2017


This is a fun game and will bring you infinite amount of success if you keep on doing it. It is a slow process but will become fast in the end once you mastered it. It is slow but sure, it is not magical but proven and effective. ALWAYS CREATE ANOTHER ONE, after you finished something... create another one.

After finishing a single project and you earn pretty decent amount, look for another one, create another one, make it roll, make it active and progressing. Don't stop, don't relax... just keep creating another one.

After you've earned one thousand dollars or just a dollar... create another one, create another dollar, it will give you a very strong momentum, it will give you abundance. Always one, always another one. Not two, not three but just another one. Keep the ball rolling, keep the fire burning, it is the only way to create rapid success.... consistency and taking it one by one.

After building a small business and made it successful, try to create another one, try to create something that will make you successful again. The process is the same, it is just making the present one successful and building another one, this process is very simple, effective and will never make you broke. All you need to have is patience, dedication and belief that it will work. A lot of people wants to create a lot of business which made them unsuccessful because they cannot concentrate to one thing, they cannot divide their energies and time to different things that is why they go crazy and unmotivated.

After winning a single game, try to win another one. Don't look for winning a lot, don't look for winning streak or breaking records just focus on winning the next game. Don't think about the championship yet, just keep on collecting wins as much as you can. This kind of approach will make you live with the moment, it will make you enjoy the process. Just always look for one, just try to focus on one.

Same as finishing tasks, just focus on the present task and never think about doing something else other that what you're doing. If you want to finish everything all at once then you will go crazy and unmotivated. Always thinking about the big thing and not getting it will make you tired so fast.

The key here is to never transfer to another goal if you can't make the present goal successful, stick with your goal no matter what, you have a lot of time, you can make it succeed if you will just focus on it. And after being successful with it... you know what to do... create another one.

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