March 23, 2017


You will come to a point where you feel so free and everything is going fine, everything is falling into your hands and it seems that you can't do anything wrong. So don't feel bad if you are not progressing right now, there is a breakthrough point waiting for you. When will it come? I don't know but for sure it will come.

Your breakthrough is when you don't care anymore, all you care about is moving and succeeding. You don't care about the results, all you care about is getting what you want. A breakthrough is just a mindset, it is 100 percent mental. But you will never achieve it right away. You need to experience a series of emotions and failures before you get it. So you have to think that a failure is not really a failure, it is just a component to make your personality stronger, wiser and tougher.

So if you are struggling now... keep struggling, keep pushing. it is molding your mind to a different level.. a level of invincibility and creativity. If you keep struggling and you never quit, you will come to a point where everything doesn't matter anymore except succeeding and thriving. Everything happens for a reason, your recent hardships in life is there to push you to a different level where you don't know any boundaries in life anymore.

If you are slow, keep being slow but never stop, consistency and continuity is what matters, you will become fast as the time goes by. Your breakthrough will come in just a matter of time but for the moment... all you can do is appreciate what you have and what you can. Just keep improving everyday and you will be alright.

The key here is to stop looking for the breakthrough because it will come naturally, it will come in the right time, you will feel it. Just keep doing what you're doing because you are very near.

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