March 31, 2017


If you can just appreciate what you have right now then you will feel more, you will feel blessed, rich, wealthy and lucky. What makes you feel bad if you have less is you always look at other people who have more than you, you get envy, you feel jealous, you think of yourself as poor or not blessed.

A man with just 5 pair of shoes is happier than a man with a hundred pair of shoes. It may sound crazy but it is true. The man with lesser shoes can appreciate more what he have. He can touch all of his shoes and clean them one by one. Unlike someone who has a lot... he doesn't even know what to do with his shoes anymore. He can't wear all of them, he is having a problem maintaining them. And the worst thing is... his happiness is coming from buying a lot of shoes, he feel broke if he can't buy a new shoes every now and then.

Having one car is happier than having two or three cars why? because you feel solid with your one and only car. You can make it clean everyday, you can touch it and become proud of it, you can even make it more beautiful by adding some set ups. If you have two or more cars, you will somehow feel a little bit stressed because you don't know what to prioritized. You will be confused on what to use for the day. I am not saying that having 2 or more car is not good, I am just saying the possible feelings that you may feel. It is still up to you, but having one car is better because you can focus on that car and make it like your real love, you can maintain it to the fullest.

Just like in having friends, having a little circle of friends is better than having a lot of friends. The little circle that you have are honest, sincere and you have deeper connection. Unlike having a lot of friends, some of them are just users, you don't even really like the most of them, there is no deep connection and everything is like just a play with no sincerity.

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