March 23, 2017


The problem with you is you want fast success but your execution is very slow. You are always thinking about how to become successful, you are thinking about what things to buy once you have that big money, you are always thinking about the luxury in life. All you want is the good times, you are not willing to endure the bad times.

If you want a lot then you must work a lot, the equation is very simple. How can you get big things if you are working small? how can you achieve success if all you do is worry, make a plan, dream, procrastinate and become depressed once you can't see any results?

Your execution should be fast, just do it. Stop overthinking and reacting, once you have an idea.. do it. Don't worry if it is right or wrong, what matters is you keep making momentum and you keep the ball rolling. It is like a snowball effect, the more you put in the effort... the more you will get results. Just execute now and never wait for tomorrow. Do what you think is the best for your life, never wait for someone's approval, never wait for an inspiration. Keep in mind that time is always running, you can never stop it, you can never turn it back. The more you waste time, the more you are likely to fail.

Stop looking for immediate success because it will never come. I've known a lot of people who believes in shortcuts and all of them failed, all of them were depressed and doesn't know what to do with their lives. If you want it fast you will fall fast because you didn't build the endurance and mindset to keep going when something went wrong.

Focus on making your execution fast, and try to slow down the part of you that wants to become successful fast. Execution will give you progression so stop dreaming about success, stop dreaming about diamonds and cars. Those things will come to you in the right time if your effort is already enough.

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