March 11, 2017


Sometimes telling everyone that you already gave your best and yet you fall short is just an excuse. You don't give your best because if you did it then you're already successful. You can only say that you already gave your best once once you become successful.

And the truth is... giving your best has no boundaries, you can always give a better effort than yesterday, you can always work harder than yesterday, you can break your own numbers, you can set a new record, you can reach a new quota. Giving your best has no limits, it will never end so don't ever think that you already do what you can do because you can always do something new.

You're just making an excuse if you are saying that you already gave your best and you haven't succeeded yet. You just wanted to quit but still wanting to look good from the eyes of people and make them believe that you're a great person, it's just wasn't for you.

If you can still think of something to do that will at least give you a chance to succeed then it means you haven't gave your best yet. There are millions of things that you haven't done yet, all you have to do is do it one by one and see what will give your results.

You're jest getting tired of the process that is why you're making an excuse that you already gave your best but it's not just for you. It is for you if you will accept that you need to work forever, it is for you if you will not stop taking actions for the sake of its accomplishment.

So stop making yourself look good and getting sympathy from other people, it's just a waste of time. Defending yourself will not get the job done, you have to return to being an aggressive action taker and push yourself as long as you can.

And if you think you already gave your best then why are you talking about it instead of taking actions? giving your best means not stopping, giving your best means giving your whole life and time for something.

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