March 14, 2017


Some people thought that once they have big money then they already made it, they were already successful. They though that their success will never ran out and the source of money will be forever abundant. But let's be realistic here... you all knew that sometimes the flow of money is weak and you need to zip your pocket for a while if you don't want to become broke.

But people who have bad spending habits will still stick to their spending habits even though the flow of money is bad or there are some unexpected events or happenings where they need to use more money like someone got sick or financial obligations suddenly becomes big. You need to slow down and adjust to the situation. If you're a big spender before and it doesn't affect your situation because you are earning a lot... if there comes a time when you need to spend less then spend less. There is nothing wrong with spending less. Spending less doesn't mean you are getting poor or broke, it is being wise because you don't need to always fight fire with fire, you don't need to always become proud and make everyone feel that no problems can make you spend less.

If the flow of money is weak then you should spend less, if the flow of money is strong then that is the time when you can relax and spend a little bit bigger than before. Some people can't change their spending habits that is why they end up getting broke, they can't adjust to the situation because they were so afraid of people calling them broke or getting poor. There is nothing wrong in looking less and spending less, what is wrong is you are pretending that you are rich even though you really can't afford to buy the things that most people can.

Money will flow in abundance if you will learn how to attract it and spend it the right way. It will be attracted to you if you're on the right momentum, your money will become bigger if you are spending less than you can earn, it will never grow if you are spending more than you can earn, as simple as that. So stop pretending that you are rich even though you are not, be true to yourself and know the flow of your money. Even if you are spending more because you are impressing people, it will still not make you feel good because deep inside you know that you are broke.

If the money is flowing well... you have the luxury to spend but you must always be aware that you should not spend all of it because the flow of abundance will stop once you do it. You should always have something on your hands so you will always feel good and you will feel free, it is a security that you know money will not ran out of your life. It is very simple... learn when to spend and when not to spend, you don't need any financial adviser here, you will feel it.

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