March 05, 2017


Whatever shit you are doing, whatever dream you are pursuing, whatever it is that you wanted to get... you have to enjoy it or else you won't get it.

You have to really enjoy the process of doing it. Even if it is boring, even if the process is really hard... you have to enjoy it because that is the only way to succeed. Because you need to work long hours, you need a tremendous focus, you need to embrace boredom because if not... you will get lower than your expectations. You need to enjoy it even if it is too repetitive because you need to repeat over and over again to become successful.

Successful people can work 12 hours straight without eating or even resting. Sometimes they get tired, sometimes they become frustrated but their dream to become successful is what forces them to enjoy what they are doing. They don't have any choice but to look for the fun things about their work even if it is too boring because that is the only way to last longer. If you have to fool yourself that you are enjoying it... do it because you need to stay with your work for a very long time. You need to at least somehow feel good with what you are doing because if it is full of stress then you will quit in just a matter of time.

You can't be just doing it for 2 hours or 3 hours... that time span won't even make an impact. It will only produce mediocre results. You have to do it for so long to the point where you almost give up.

Just make yourself happy or enjoy happy thoughts while you are doing it. Just think of the things that you may get if you become successful, just think about your dreams all the time so you won't stop and you will keep pushing until you become successful.

The people who are failing cannot enjoy their work anymore, they don't love what is happening that is why they quit and look for easier things to do.

You should not look for an escape if you really wanted to become successful. Look at the fighters who were struggling in the fight... before they get KO'd they are looking for an escape, they want to get away from the situation, they don't like getting hit. If they can only enjoy the struggle then they can survive and make a comeback. You need to enjoy everything in the process... even the most boring ones and the most difficult ones.

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