March 03, 2017


If you want to be generous, if you want to help others and be a tool for their success then you should be selfish first. You have a lot of time to become generous later, only if you have a lot to offer.

You should be selfish about your time and use it for yourself to make yourself rich and successful. Because if you will give a lot of your time for others then you will not be able to help them in the future. You should make yourself better first before thinking about making other people better. Because that is what it is all about, you will not be able to help other people if you don't have the means to help them, you are just making life difficult for you.

Have you seen a broke bum inspiring other people? have you seen an average guy making a difference? The most generous and inspiring people in the world are the ones who were on top because they have a lot of resources to help other people. They can give time and money without affecting their own lives.

If you want to give money then fine but for now... if you're not a millionaire yet then you should keep your money and use it to make yourself very successful. When you already have a lot then that is the time when you can help other people and make a difference.

Because you will never make a difference if you're weak, people will not believe in you if you can't give something to them. That's the sad reality, you can't share success if you're not successful. Always look at the bigger thing, being selfish now is just temporary. You have to make a strong foundation first for yourself before thinking about others, you have to make yourself better first before maikng others better.

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