March 01, 2017


You give too much importance to your your emotions. You don't feel good? so what. It doesn't matter if you don't feel good, the world is waiting for you, your boss is waiting for you, your training partner is waiting for you, you a have a lot of pending work, your dream is waiting for you, your business partner is waiting for you, your mother is already mad... you need to wash the dishes.

You can still move even if you feel bad so what is the difference? And even if you feel good, sometimes you are still not moving, you choose to just sit around and watch TV. So don't ever make an excuse that you feel bad that is why you're not taking actions.

The world doesn't care if you feel bad, it will not wait for you. You will be left behind and you will become a failure if you will not do what is needed. Go against your emotions and make your body move, you will feel better once you gather a little momentum. You can finish anything, all you need to do is begin. Take it slow if needed, don't rush, don't ever wish for a fast finish, just enjoy every second that you are moving and you will feel better in a while.

There are even some people who are badly sick but still able to accomplish something big. It is because they don't make excuses and they never take any second for granted. They make the best out of their time, they keep moving even if they feel bad. They never get tired even if they were already gassing out. They have the second wind up to 5th wind. So what is your excuse for not moving? if people who are less healthier than you can make it then there is no reason for you to make excuses. You are not allowed to make excuses....

The point here is... you still need to do it regardless of your condition, you may pass today but you can never pass tomorrow. Your pending work will keep getting bigger the more you postponed it. If you don't like moving now, you will not even like it more next time.

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