March 31, 2017


The truth is... you can do anything even without consequences. You can work even if there is no money guarantee, you can move even if there are no rewards waiting for you. The problem with you is you want to be sure that you will get something before you move, you need something to push you to take actions.

Some people will only move if they sense a danger or if it is too late. For example, a son will only work hard if his father got sick and they needed money, he needed that situation to be alarmed and wake up. He want his father to get well so he will do everything in his power to send his father to hospital. Do he really needed his father to get sick before he work? he could have done that before.

Another example is a man who will only take his wife seriously and stop his vices if he found out that his wife is planning to leave him. He could have done that before, it is very easy, all he need is to be loyal and be serious in life yet he is not doing it.

An employee will only work hard if he is guaranteed that he will get an increase in his salary. He didn't know that his boss is watching all of them and looking for the hardest worker in the company. The hardest worker will get the promotion. A lot of employees were satisfied producing mediocre work because they are not hoping that one day they will get promoted.

You can do something even if there are no consequences waiting for you. You can work hard, you can give love, you can take life seriously, you can pursue success. Don't wait for something to inspire you or push you before you take actions. You can always do something, use your time for doing something great.

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