March 13, 2017


If you want to change then just simply stop what you are doing now. You want to change because you know there is something wrong in your life and you want to change directions because you want to have a better life. So what you need to do is just stop what you are doing now, I know you're doing things that are not relevant to success, I know what you're doing now is nonsense and full of shit so you better force yourself to stop it and do something else that is productive... that is if you really want to change.

Because if you will not stop it now then there is a tendency that you may not be able to change forever. You will remain a bum forever, so stop it now and do something else that is positive and can put you on a better position.

Change is hard but it is achievable, only if you are decisive enough to stop the bullshit now and commit to change.

No one can change you, nothing can change you. You are the only one who can change yourself and the best way to do it is to stop the stupidity now and climb your way to the top.

A lot of people say that they will change if this happens or if that happens but where is the change? did it really happen? nothing has to happen first before you change. You can change by stopping your useless activity now, so force yourself no matter how difficult it is. Just do the first step and never stop, never stop until you feel that you've already changed.

Because stopping the nonsense, bullshit activity is the first step towards change. You may not know what to do next but simply stopping now is a great momentum. You know what activities that are stopping you from changing, you know what is holding you back, you better enumerate them and stop them right away.

It's not too  late, you can stop anytime you want, you can change anytime you want. The choice is yours, stop now and change or don't change forever.

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