March 30, 2017


Don't be afraid to try another strategy because you can always try another one if it didn't work. Be courageous to try it even if you have doubts. It can work or not but what matters is you didn't hesitate to try it.

You need strategy to become successful, it is a pattern or plan that will give you directions. It is your foundation, it will be your default when you're lost, it can make you or break you but you need to execute it no matter what.

You can try as many strategy as you can but you need to stick with your present strategy and see if it can give you results. You can't be trying a specific strategy for a week or a month and then give up right away if you can't see any progress. Stick with it for at least a year and see if it can give you results.

Your strategy is your way to victory, so if you have a very good strategy then you will have a very high chance of being successful.

Once you discover a strategy... implement it right away, do one strategy at a time. You can't be using two strategies in the same time because it will only confuse you, it will make your mind cluttered which will lead to being unproductive.

Sometimes you don't need to change your strategy anymore because the more you use it... the more it will become effective. You'll just need to enhance it and add some components to make it more effective.

You can use any strategy. It can be old school, modern scientific, manual, hard or short strategy. For as long as it is working... keep using it.

A lot of people cannot become successful because they are using strategy for so long even if it is not effective. They don't want to change or maybe they are afraid to change that is why they will just accept the fact that they can't become successful.

Some people can't become successful too because they will only use their newly found strategy for weeks or months and will quit once they got bored waiting for results.

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