March 24, 2017


You've come a long long way only to think about giving up, are you kidding me? You bleed for this, you grind, you hustle. You drink blood, sweat and tears so this is not the time for giving up. You feel bad because you can't see any signs of progress and that is completely normal. If you are pursuing something great, there will be times when you wanted to give up because you think that it is irrational to keep going. You think that you're just wasting effort and you're only killing yourself. But that's not the mentality that you should have.

You should think about the sufferings that you went through, you have to think about all of the hardwork that you put in, all the time that you spent just to make your dreams come true... those are the things that you should think about and not about giving up. Think about how strong you are to go this far.

You dedicate your life for this only to feel weak in the end, think about it for a second or third time before quitting. If you bleed for something then you should not let it go. You should fight for it until the end because you've already been hurt, you know what pain feels like, you have nothing left to lose so why not go all out until the end?

It is just a matter of time before you succeed, you never know... you're just a few steps away from success. If you're bleeding now then keep bleeding until the bleeding stops.

You bleed for this so you have to get this, it's now or never, there's no more turning back. If you quit now then you will quit again in the future because you already feel good about quitting, you think that quitting is alright.

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