March 02, 2017


Life is fast because it is precious, life is fast so that you will not take it for granted and do the things that you really like and are valuable. So that you can contribute to make the world better.

Yet a lot of people don't know that life is very fast that is why they are taking their lives for granted and they do stupid things that will not even make their life more enjoyable and fun.

Look at your life, examine how you feel. It feels like being in high school only happens yesterday right? but look at you know already getting old. You are getting slower, you are getting weaker day by day. That's how fast life is. It is faster than a blink of an eye and if you will not do the right thing... you will regret it in the end.

Life is fast so you should have a sense of urgency to do the things that will make you grow and happy. Do the things that will contribute to the society or just even to your family. Spend your time with the people that you really love and don't associate yourself with people who are only making your life hard and heavy. Life is fast so you can appreciate every second even more, look at the people who can't appreciate the small things in life... they were always mad because they think that life is long and they have the eternity to become mad. If they are only aware that life is fast and there is a possibility that anytime they can die then they will do better and force themselves to be happy for the moment.

Life is fast because there are lot of people who wanted to live. There were unborn babies who wanted to see the world right away and they are looking for people whom they will replace. All people born and unborn cannot live at the same time in this world, some have to go and that is the saddest part of life... you cannot live forever, someone is itching to replace you right now that is why life is very fast. You cannot live forever, your time will come, life is fast so do the right thing.

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