March 22, 2017


Hardwork is scary because people don't know what they are going to do. Or maybe they know but they are complicating things, they are thinking deep, they are looking for something that doesn't need to be look upon.

Hardwork is very simple, you just need to do the simplest and most important things and that's it. Work on it for a very long time until you get the job done. No need to look for some other things that looks good but will never make a large impact. Don't look for so much details, just focus on the most important things that will surely give you results.

For example if you are trying to win a championship belt, of course everyone will tell you that you must work hard. And what your brain is going to do is wonder, it will wonder what are the things you need to do and all the scientific methods to become stronger. But all you have to do is train how to punch, kick, defend and become stronger. You don't need to try a lot of things that will only make your mind and body confused. In other words, you need to make hardwork very simple so that it will be easier. Just eat right, train right and that's it, as simple as that.

Hardwork becomes scary because people think about a lot of things, they think about the things that they don't know. They scared themselves and they put their mind on a position where it will worry a lot. Hardwork becomes scary too if you are always looking for the finish product, if you are thinking about getting the results fast. You need to live with the moment and just simply work hard every second. You don't need to rush or compare your results with the results of others.

Hardwork is a process, it becomes scary if you will think about the destination. Don't make an assessment of yourself everyday, don't look for how far have you got. Just simply make actions every second and never make it a big deal if you are working too much. It is your duty to work a lot so never pity yourself if you are over working.

Hardwork becomes scary too if you are thinking about getting tired, of course you will get tired but you must not be afraid of it because you're just a human being. Everyone gets tired, even the greatest gets tired. You are not a robot so you will get tired no matter how strong you are.

If you will only make a checklist or game plan of how are you going to do it then hardwork will never become scary because you know what you will do. You just need to follow your game plan and stick with it until you become successful. Don't get too fancy, the more basic you are the more you are likely to succeed.

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