March 30, 2017


Everyone wants to compete, everyone wants to be the best. They are comparing themselves to each other, they want to be updated about who is the best and who is doing better that is why they can't improve. They were so focused on other people's lives instead of focusing on their own life.

Don't be like them because comparing yourself to other people is nonsense. It doesn't matter if they are doing better than you, what matters is you are doing everything you can to make yourself better than yesterday. Never mind if they told you that you are not good, it is just a waste of energy listening to them. You will only become weak and you will feel bad if you give them any attention.

If you know yourself, if you know who you are and how good you can be then there is no reason to compare yourself with others. Just make yourself better everyday and success will come to you. Comparing will only drain your energy especially if you saw that you are not better than them. The most important thing is to focus on your own thing.

If you feel that you're the best then live it, don't tell everyone that you're the best, don't prove to anyone that you're the best, just live it. No talking needed, no comparison needed. You can really become the best if you are giving your best.

It doesn't matter who is ahead, it doesn't matter who is on at his peak right now, life is not a race, all you need to do is stay with the race but forget what position you have. They can be ahead of you, they can have a big lead from you but who cares? your time will come, you will become the number one if you keep on giving strong efforts.

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