March 31, 2017


It is always ok to be slow, it is ok to live with your own pace, own speed and own timing. You don't need to compete with fast people, you don't need to compare your rate of speed with them. You have your own speed, enjoy it and never rush.

If they are getting rich fast so what, if they are making it in life fast, so what. The most important thing is you are also moving and you are progressing day by day, little by little  inch by inch, you will get it no matter what. Life is not a race, it is a marathon.

Patience is a virtue, you can have anything if you are willing to work hard while waiting. Your time will come so don't ever rush, success is already guaranteed if you are taking actions everyday. You don't need to catch them, you don't need to run after them, just run your own pace and keep moving forward.

People who get it fast usually fall fast too, it is because they don't have the strong foundation to sustain their success. If you are taking your time and patiently building your own empire then you will have a strong foundation that will never be broken by anything or anyone. Your foundation will be indestructible because you give a lot of time for it, the right details were there, the right strength is there to last for a very long time.

If you are slow and it seems like they were so ahead of you... don't think about it. Your focus is not to race with them, your focus is to become successful in the long run. It is ok to be slow for as long as you're doing everything to improve everyday. Just trust the process and little by little you will get everything you want.

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