March 04, 2017


This is one of the mortal sins that people commit when dealing with money: THEY SPEND IT BEFORE EARNING IT. That is why they get broke. That is why their lives are miserable and they go crazy when another problem arises aside from problems in money.

They use credit cards with interests or even just an ordinary credit card without interest... it is still not recommendable. When they see something at home tv shopping, they will purchase it even if they don't need it. They want to have something without working for it. They were borrowing money just to satisfy that urge to purchase something. If you are using credit card to get something you are not buying it, you are just borrowing it because it is not yours until you pay the money that you borrow.

If you're a spender, it is better to save money and then use it once your savings is enough to buy the things that you want. If your savings is always negative then you're in a quick sand, it will be very hard for you to make a comeback.

Just like in business, a person who will build a business that has a capital from loan is a total moron. Your business will never work if you are pressured and has commitments to pay. The money will not circulate, it will all go to the bank or any loan institute that lends you the money. This will result to frustration and another bankruptcy. Not all businessmen men were smart, some are just arrogant and knows a little bit of money rotation. A businessman who always loan is not a real businessman, he is a loaner. If you will build a business, the capital should be yours and you must have a big allowance for emergency purposes.

If you are using some money without working for it first... you will have a hard time paying for it because you will not be motivated. You will think that you are just working just to pay some debts.

The lesson here is don't use credit cards, don't loan and never borrow some money from others. You should only use the money that is really yours and you get after working.

It is easy to borrow some money but it is really hard to pay for it that is why a lot of people are getting broke... they enjoy first and then they suffer later.