March 05, 2017


What is your real goal? I mean the thing that you are really dreaming of, the thing that you can't live without. What is  it? if you know it then why are you not getting it? why are you doing some other things instead of your goal?

If your goal is to do 1000 push ups everyday then why is your mind bothered by a lot of things? why are you thinking about what people say? why are you entertaining their comments? why are you listening to them and following their suggestions? They tell you that they way you do a push up is wrong and the bad thing is you listen to them. Remember that your goal is to do a 1000 push ups everyday and not to know what is the correct way to do a push up. So don't listen to them because your goal is to do 1000 push up may it be right or wrong and not to listen to what other people say. You must stick with your goal, you must make it very basic and just follow your original game plan.

Same in business, if you are planning to produce money then why are your focused on how to do it? Is your goal really making money or making a detailed plan on how to do it? You don't need to know how to do it, just do it and you will be able to find a way naturally in your journey. You will get the right process while you're in the process. Keep your eyes on your real goal and not on some other things that will cause distractions. Sometimes you think you are pursuing your goal but the truth is you're pursuing some other things that is connected to your goal.

If you want to become a basketball star then why are you listening to what your coach is saying? Your job is to simply shoot the ball as much as you can and nothing more than that. Never mind if he is shouting at you, never mind if he is not using you. Just focus on practicing shooting the ball everyday and your opportunity to become a star will come. Just think about your goal and don't think about anything else.

Successful people were successful because they knew what they want. They simply go for what the want and they don't think about anything else, they don't care about what people say, they don't care about their situation even if it is so bad. They just let themselves go and full speed and full power towards their dreams. Stop thinking too much and just get your goal with the simplest and surest process that you can ever think of.

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