March 29, 2017


What is difficult about that? you will just move your ass and keep moving until you get it done. Why are you feeling so heavy?

There is a task ahead of you, why can't you do it? all you need to do is do the first step and never stop, why can't you even move your hands and feet? why do you feel like something is stopping you?

There is no difficult task if you will just start it, it will look more even difficult if you are procrastinating, stop thinking about finishing it fast and find ways how to enjoy it. Find thoughts that will make you have fun while doing it. Find thoughts that will give you good emotions so you can stay longer while doing it.

There is no task or responsibility that is difficult, it is all in your head. And if you will think about it... was it really impossible to do? no right?

Small task or big task... it is the same, it can be easier if you will start right away and enjoy doing it. It can be difficult if you will always try to postpone doing it and thinking about shortcuts.

If you have complete body parts then there is no excuse for not doing it. There are lots of disabled person who are working harder than you, they are making results so you should be ashamed of yourself if you are bumming around and wasting time.

Difficulty is only in the mind, do it and never stop and see for yourself if it is really difficult. Just fall in love with moving and appreciate the fact that you can use all of your body parts. Just enjoy every movement of your body and you will see that any task is very easy.

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