March 17, 2017


Life is not about going and arriving to your desired place right away. If you're a son of a billionaire then you can do that, buy all the things and people to achieve your goal but where is the happiness there? it is the most boring thing that you can ever do and it will not give you true happiness, it will not make you strong because you haven't face any obstacles in life.

Life is a flow, it is a journey, it is not a finish product. That is why a lot of people who wanted to solve their problems right away were all miserable, they want to fast forward the time, they want to escape their situation and when they can't get it... their too damn sad and depressed. I come from the same place too, I wanted to become rich, popular, successful fast and when I can't get it... I don't know what to do anymore, I am broke physically and mentally. The lesson is the more you want it fast... the slower you will get it and most of the times... you won't get it.

Life is a puzzle that you must solve and the fun can be seen while you are solving it. But sometimes it is really hard to move, you will find yourself stuck in a mud and you don't know what will give you progress. Here is what you need to do... find a bridge that will keep you moving, find a bridge that will put you in the right mindset and have fun again in anything that you're doing.

It can be a purpose. Your purpose can be a bridge to move on to the next level. What is your purpose?, why are you working so hard? Are you doing it to buy your mom  a house, are you doing it for your family? Use your purpose to bring back the motivation that you lost and go back to your old you... the one who is willing to grind until he succeed.

It can be thought. Just a simple thought can be your bridge. Just think about some happy things, think about how blessed you are, think about how fortunate you are to be doing the things that you love to do and yet sometimes you take your opportunities for granted. Use a thought that will make you move again, play with your thoughts, entertain the most empowering ones.

It can be a simple step that is fun. Just find what is fun in what you're doing and do it over and over again until you find the love in your work again. Find what is fun and focus on it, even if you need to cut some activities and just do what is fun first... do it. Having  fun is very important because it is the only thing that will keep you going. If it is not fun anymore... you will quit in just a matter of time. So always look for what is fun in your work and try to do it as much as you can.

You can use a lot of bridge to move to the next level. It can be anything that will somehow make you move and a little bit excited again, it can be anything that will make you stick with the process and avoid quitting. You can find it, you can use anything.

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