March 05, 2017


Not all fear is negative, some are positive too.

Be scared if you are not studying lessons because you will fail tomorrow, this is already a positive fear. You will be forced to open your books and burn your eyebrows studying the whole night.

Be scared that your family will become hungry and your children will envy their classmates who have nice toys and shoes. You will force yourself to earn as much as you can. This is a good fear, your laziness will turn to hardwork that will enable you to provide for your family. It's a nice fear, you are forced to do the right thing.

Be scared if you are using your money for useless things. Your electricity will be cut, your car will not run because you don't have gas money, you will eat cheap foods that you don't like and You have to beg down on your knees to borrow money from someone if your budget becomes short. This fear is positive too, you will be able to budget your money intelligently and you will learn how to save money.

Be scared if you are not practicing hard because of partying. No team will sign you anymore because your skills are deteriorating and you are always late in practice. Use this fear if you want to stay longer in your job. You will be forced to become disciplined and take care of your body so that you will always stay in shape and ready to compete anytime.

Not all fears are bad, some fears will force you to move and take necessary actions.

Fear will move you or stop you, it depends on what fear you are using. It can be positive fear or negative fear. You can use any of the two, the only question is what makes you more effective.

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