March 04, 2017


You think that you are stopping time if you're not doing anything and postponing your work? you think you have a lot of time and you can always make up for the time that you wasted? You think your time will not ran out and it is unlimited? wake up! you have to be scared if your'e not using it in the right way. Time is precious and you can't buy it once you need more of it.

You better change your perception now because time is still running even if you are lazy. Whether you work hard or do nothing... time is still running. The point here is time is so fast and it will never wait for anyone. You better do what you wanted to do and do the most important things in your life before it's too late.

There is no difference between working hard and just resting, time will still run and you will grow old and become weak sooner or later. So you better just move because time is running out. Everyday you are dying even if you are not sick because the moment you wake up from sleep... your time in this world has already diminished. Everyday your time is decreasing, let's say you only have 10 years left in this world, tomorrow it will only be 964 days and that is scary. Everyday one day is being deducted to your life span.

So don't be afraid to work hard because it is no different from being lazy, your time will still run out and all you have to do is enjoy your time and be one with it. Just go with the flow with time and have fun with it while you still have it. Use it for more productive activities, use it with the best people that will make your life happier and better.

A lot of people will ask for more time once they knew that their time is running out, these are the people that has a lot of regrets in their life. They want to do more but it's too late, their time is over. GAME OVER!

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