March 25, 2017


There are three significant signs that you are going to become wealthy, once you find yourself experiencing these signs then for sure you will have an abundant life. Always be aware of how are you behaving and thinking because assessing yourself will help you a lot to achieve success faster than expected.

1. You are always thinking about business and earning money. You think about money 24/7, it is not that you are making money as your only world, it's just that you are so focused and you dominate your thoughts with money so that you will think about ways how to make money and you will be attracted with opportunities that will give you money. You think about building a business, before you're not thinking about it because all you do is spend. But now your game is different, you think about passive income, you think about assets and different ways that will increase your net worth. In other words you are on your way of becoming rich.

2. You are not buying stupid stuffs anymore. You are very smart with spending your money. Before, you buy gadgets, toys, accessories and any other things that the value depreciates, But now you are smarter, you are buying things that will increase value. Things like lots, golds, real estate, stocks etc. You want to put your money on things that will make you rich in the future.

3. You cut down all of your liabilities and you are thinking about assets. You are not using credit cards anymore, you don't buy stuffs with interests. You only think about small businesses that will make your financial status better. You don't buy cars, appliances that you will pay every month. You know what to do with your money. You hate liabilities, you don't even loan because you know it will only make you suffer in the future.

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