March 04, 2017


It's the harsh truth, some people will not accept you or even hate you even if you are not doing something bad to them. Even your parents will not be proud of you if you suck and sometimes they will even be the source of your pain because you are hearing harsh words from them that is very painful.

I don't know, but there are some people who really can't appreciate you for your low achievements at the moment, all they will see is your weakness. They will not talk about the good things that you are doing. They will treat you bad and destroy your confidence.

So the best thing to do is to become successful, become a big time. In this way, they cannot look past at you, they will not ignore you anymore and make fun of your names. It is what it is, you have no choice but to become successful or else they will not respect you.

Once you become successful, your parents will become proud of you and they will love you more. Of course they also love you before but I guess they are only treating you bad so that you will do the right thing in your life, I guess they just don't want to be soft to you so you will become independent and not a spoiled brat.

I know someone in high school who is always been bullied and disrespected for his weird personality but when he became successful... the son of a bitch becomes a superstar. He was given a special treatment by a lot of people. Those who are ignoring him before is kissing his ass now. Wow, look at what success and money can do, it can make you look like a celebrity. People were admiring you and they will get interested at you.

So don't worry if you're always been treated bad by people. Just work hard and become big as much as you can so they will treat you better next time.

It's not about having revenge, it's about protecting yourself from disrespectful people. Once you become successful, stay humble and never forget where you came from.

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