March 09, 2017


You think you're decision is bad? it is only bad if your intention is bad but if your intention is good... even though you didn't become successful, it is still a good decision.

If you decided to leave your present company because you want to find a better salary somewhere else and you failed to find one... it is not a bad decision because you have good intention. Never regret that decision and never go back to your old company. You have to stand for it because it is the best decision in your life. Sometimes you need to try a few more times to become successful and believe that your decision is right. But failure doesn't mean that your decision is bad, you just need to wait for a little while and become more patient while waiting for the reward of your risk.

If you take the last shot and you missed it, even if your coach doesn't told you to do it... don't regret doing it especially if your intention is to make the team win. If your intention is to just impress people and try to look like a hero then that is a bad decision but if your intention is to purely help your team win then that is a good decision because your intention is good.

If you didn't follow the orders of your parents to finish your study because you already found a job... if your intention for doing that is to help them and make their life easier because you will shoulder some responsibilities in your home then your decision is right because your intention is good but if you just do it to become a rebel and prove them that you can already take care of yourself alone then that is a bad decision because you have a bad intention.

Your decision is always right especially if your intention is to help yourself and help other people. You can never go wrong if your decision is to simply make your life and other people's lives better.

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