March 30, 2017


Don't worry if there are too much people on your desired place, don't worry that you will ran out of spot. There is always a designated place for you, and that place is according to your strength.

Everyone has a designated place on earth, there is a spot waiting for you. But you have to know the level of your strength first so you will know where to go.

If you're a criminal then the place for you is jail. You're weak because you can't think right and do right. Jail is a place for people who are pretending to be strong but the truth is they are weak because they can'e even do the right things to live a better life.

If you're mentally ill then the place for you is the mental hospital, that is the designated place for you because you have a weak mind and you cannot control your emotions and thoughts. It is a weak place for a weak person like you.

If you have a weak and dying body then the place for you is cemetery. You can't take care and heal your own body so the best place for you is a place where nobody lives.

If you're lazy then the place for you is the squatter's area. You are lazy to save money, you are lazy to study, you are lazy to change your position in life so the place for you is where the lazy people resides.

If you're a weak player then the place for you is the bench. Just sit there and watch your teammates play because you're not needed on the team. You're weak, you're nervous on court and you don't have guts so just sit there and cheer for your team.

If you have a weak heart and you can't take risks to go to the top then the place for you is at the bottom. Just relax there, it is not stressful but it is not a happy place. Success will never reserve a place for a scared person like you. You deserve to be at the bottom because you can't stand for what you believe in.

But if you are strong, determined, motivated and has a clear vision then the place for you is at the top, the top is waiting for you. Just keep going and you will get there.

There is a designated place for you but it depends on your strength so if you don't like your position now, it means your strength is not enough and you need to make yourself powerful so you can go to your desired place.

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