March 03, 2017


The right weather for training and thriving is any kind of weather. It doesn't matter if it is sunny or rainy or cloudy. What matters is you show up and do what you are supposed to do. You can't win if you're a dramatic diva who keeps on complaining when the street or floor is wet. You can't stop if the sun is so hot and it is draining your body. Every weather is the right weather, if you want to become champion in life then you should dismantle all your excuses and start making progress.

Some pussies will stop training or working if they saw that it is raining a little bit. They will continue their sleep and will say to themselves that they will work double hard tomorrow. But did that promise happened? once you didn't show up... your habit of working hard has already been destroyed. You already commit to laziness and weakness.

If you don't want to get wet then bring an umbrella and use it while running. There are no excuses here. If you don't want to get dehydrated then bring a jag of water and carry it with you while you are running. You can destroy every excuses on the book if you will break that lazy loop.

It is the one who can face tiny obstacles and keep moving who is going to win. It is the one who doesn't have any dramatic antics in his system that will succeed. Life is not all about looking good and feeling good. It is about embracing the negative feelings and working out to make it a positive feeling.

You can make excuses and make yourself believe that they are real but the only question is... are you moving forward by believing those excuses? Are you winning in life by skipping a day without doing anything?

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