March 28, 2017


The real meaning of being powerful is not having control over people or looking very powerful because of money and fame. Being powerful means you can control your thoughts and emotions.

If you can control how you behave, think and feel then you are beyond powerful. Weak individuals always try to prove themselves while the powerful ones will remain calm, collective and at peace with themselves, they don't care if someone is trying to destroy them. For as long as they can stay patient and still... they don't care.

You are powerful if you know who you are and you don't need to introduce yourself to others. You don't mind if people don't know you because you are really satisfied of knowing yourself, your skills, knowledge and limitations. You simply acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. You don't care if someone is better or weaker than you. You know yourself and you don't need to know anybody else.

You are powerful if you don't get jealous with others. You know what you have and you know what you can have. You don't get jealous if someone is succeeding, rather you feel happy for him. If your enemy is succeeding... you don't get mad, you just don't feel anything. Being powerful means you don't want something bad to happen to other people... even with your enemies.

Being powerful means you are accepting defeat. It is not that you are quitting but you accept that today you lose because you're just a human, you know that you can still win tomorrow and on the other days.

Being powerful is all about using your will power to get what you want. You do whatever it takes to win and you are not complaining about how difficult it is to win. You just go and go, you know you have all the time in the world. You are progressing everyday and you are trying your very best to succeed.

Being powerful means you are not afraid to lose. You will risk your present situation for a better position. You are gracious in defeat and humble in victory.

Being powerful simply means you have total control of yourself mentally and physically.

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