March 02, 2017


The only thing you should be scared about is when your mind is always focused on the negative side. If it is focusing about scarcity instead of abundance, if it is focusing about losing and not winning, if it is focusing about gossips instead of appreciation, if it is focusing about what wrong could happen instead of enjoying the moment, if it is focusing about suffering instead of enjoying.

Your mind is a powerful weapon, it can give you anything but it can also destroy everything if you are not aware how it behaves and operates. Don't let your mind control you, control it and use it at it's full capacity.

Because everything will be fine if you are thinking the right way and only thinking about positive things. Something could go wrong, that is the reality but you should not think about it. You should let life flow naturally and let go of control. Stop worrying because that is the root of all suffering.

Be scared if you are always thinking negatively because that will be your reality. So be aware of what thoughts are entering in your mind. Be mindful and always observe yourself. If you find yourself thinking about negative things... replace that thought immediately and think about happier things. Your life will change if you are more focused on the positive things instead of the negative ones.

It is normal to think negatively, nobody is perfect but you should block that thought right away and stop it because it will control you and make things worse for you. If negative thoughts can enter so as positive thoughts.

You can even think about positive things even if you are on a negative situation, you can find a lot of things that you can appreciate. You can always be happy, happiness is the start of a good moment.

When you're happy, when you're appreciative, when you're expecting good things... good things will be attracted to you. This is not a superstition, tradition or something. It is science. Because your body will feel bad once you are thinking bad and that will forced you to do very weak decisions that will lead to bad situations.

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