March 01, 2017


The most effective way to feel abundance is to detach yourself from everything, stop comparing, stop expecting and just appreciate what you have for the moment.  Change expectation to appreciation. Just appreciate that you are living, just appreciate that you are producing.

Never look for big numbers if you are not willing to work for it. You can feel abundance even if you are holding just small numbers if you are truly happy with it and you are not cursing it.

Start appreciating what you have now and learn how to make it grow, learn how to add elements into it that will make it even bigger. It is possible, all you need is love and consistent efforts.

Don't look for the things outside of you. Always look at the inside. If you see a nice car, a nice fancy and expensive car and you compare it with your old and not so expensive car... you will feel poor, you will have self pity and that is a mindset that will destroy abundance. Your eyes should only be focused on your own properties and attributes. Be nice to your things, take care of them and try to improve them if you can. Always be satisfied with what you have and you will see that little by little your riches and properties were all growing.

Never focus on what is lacking in your life because that will attract negative energy and you will even become poorer by doing that.

Always feel rich, always feel happy with your money and properties. Never worry about the things that you can't control. Size of properties and assets doesn't matter, what matters is how you feel about your things. If you feel happy and satisfied then that is the time when you will be able to multiply what you have because you don't have any pressure in doing it. You feel secured, safe and that will make you very creative.

Abundance is how you feel, it is not what you have. Learn to control your feelings, increase your appreciation to attract a better situation.

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