March 29, 2017


It is one essential key to speed... stay calm, poised and relax. Put your mind in a place of serenity and you will be able to move faster.

If you are forcing things, if there is a worry on your mind, if you are struggling then you will move slower. You will become tired faster, it feels like there is a thick rope strangling your neck, has this ever happened to you?

Being relaxed will make your muscles and mind breathe that is why your movement will become smoother and faster. You will not make mistakes and you will have more stamina for doing things. It will look like everything is easy. Unlike if you are rushing and worrying... you will breathe heavily and it feels like you wanted to escape but you cannot, it feels like you will explode in a matter of time.

Stay calm in times of pressure... this is the key if you want to make good decisions, this is the solution for winning and being successful during times of adversity.

Look at the those people who were almost late at their work... bad things were happening to them even more... they cannot find a taxi, they forget their id or cellphones, a lot of people were bumping them etc. That is what will happen if your mind is not relax... you will attract negative things, you will struggle more. You can move fast but you still need to stay calm and hopeful, you need to stay in the moment and forget about getting there fast.

Life is about enjoying the moment may it be negative or positive. You can't be here and wanting to go there fast, you can't be doing the process and thinking about finishing fast. The more you worry the more you will experience adversity.

If you are stuck in a negative situation just stay calm, you will be able to move away from it in a matter of time.

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