March 01, 2017


People who always avoids stress are the people who are more stressed. You have to face the pain, you have to face the stress, it is the only thing that will make your life better. Accepting that sometimes life is painful and hard will set you free.

The more you avoid pain.. the more it will come after you. Look at the people who doesn't want to look for a job and earn money... they always say that tomorrow they will really work hard, tomorrow they will look for a job but that tomorrow never happen, they were always avoiding the stress of looking for a job and that is why they were broke, they don't know what to do anymore as the time goes by. They don't have money, their debts were getting bigger, they were stress even more because they wand to avoid the stress in moving.

Face it... any discomfort that you need to face... face it. That is the only way to set yourself free. That is the only way to free yourself from a troubled mind... face it.

Another example are people who avoids the pain in exercise. They thought that exercise is stressful and that they will only hurt themselves. But they are  hurting themselves even more because they can't stand the pain of looking at the mirror and seeing their clothes not fitting them anymore. They were so sick and tired of their big belly, they are just not admitting it but deep inside they were so stressed of how they look. That is what they get from avoiding the stress from the very start.

Another scenario... you must wash all of your clothes because it keeps on piling up but because you think that it is very stressful to do it today, you said to yourself that you will just do it next week. And when that week comes... you are more stressed because you got overwhelmed with the large number of clothes that you must wash. You don't know what to do, you're so freaking out, what a funny situation.

You have to face the stress now, not tomorrow, not later, not next week. Face it now while it is still small because the more you postponed it... the bigger it gets.

It is easy, just count 1,2,3 then begin!!!

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