March 27, 2017


The process is you, the journey is you. You are not doing the process, you are processing yourself.

If your goal is making that millions, and you think that it is your journey then you're wrong, your transformation while pursuing that millions is the real journey here. You discipline yourself, you push hard, you conquer a lot of adversity, you become a totally different person. You changed a lot, and that is the real journey, changing is very hard, it is very stressful and impossible. The real journey is not taking the steps to become a millionaire, it is how you improve day by day and developed the necessary skills to get that millions.

Another example is getting that championship, the journey is not getting that belt or trophy or title. It is how you become better everyday and building the necessary habits to get that championship. The journey is your transformation, if you've become a better person... even if you didn't get the title then you're already a winner. If you've become stronger then you already succeeded. It is what happened in your body, mind, beliefs, skills, personality that determines your success. It is not about winning, being popular or being the most successful person on earth, it is what happens in your life. The real journey is the little by little progression that you are doing with yourself.

So don't ever think about if you are succeeding or not, don't feel bad and think that your journey sucks if you're not winning. You can be a winner by just simply working on yourself and being a little bit better than yesterday. The journey is not the success that you are getting day by day, it is the good feelings that you get by simply evolving and making your life grow.

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