March 11, 2017


You've been watching a lot of movies, movies about stupid things, movies about the lives of other people that is irrelevant to your success. Movies that will only make your mind weak, jealous and less creative.

How about watching your own evolution? The best thing to watch is your growth, how you evolve. How you become rich, stronger and better a person. You are the director, producer and the star. You own your life and you will know the outcome. You just need to work hard, work everyday and watch yourself becoming successful little by little.

Instead of watching other people's lives, watch your own life and become creative as you can be. Have fun with it, feel like a super hero, do something that will touch other people's lives and become a difference maker. Attach appreciation to your evolution, appreciate everything may it be good or bad happening.

Because if you will keep on watching other people's lives... you will never grow, you will lose yourself, you will not become creative. All you will feel is bitterness, jealousy and negativity because no matter how nice you are... you will still feel bad if you are not succeeding and other people are. You will not feel good about yourself if you see them succeeding and you are still the same person as you were 10 years ago.

Watch your self evolve, do something to create your evolution, for sure there are some things you can do to make yourself a better person. Never think that your knowledge and skills were not enough. If you think you don't have any skills then develop a skill. Practice repetition, repeat over and over again until you become genius at something.

It is never too late to evolve. No matter what your age is... you can still improve and make changes in your life. Evolution and growth only stops when a person accepts that he can't change anymore.

Do something with your life, don't let it pass without doing something great. Become a little bit better and a little bit better everyday. Be addicted to small progress because that will become huge if you will not stop looking for improvement. Stop watching other people's lives because it is like wasting your own life, doing that is only a waste of time.

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