March 28, 2017


Just take the first step and then let the momentum roll on. It is like a snowball effect, the more you take consistent actions.... the result keeps getting bigger and bigger, and the more it becomes bigger... the more it rolls faster.

Don't think, forget about how you feel, emotions has nothing to do with taking actions. Just move your body and minimize thinking. Just keep moving and moving until you finish.

Taking actions is easy if you will not think about the results, you will be able to move faster if you will not always look about how far you are. It is about enjoying the ride and forgetting the clock, forget about the time remaining, just keep on moving.

Take it slow if needed, make it fast if you can but don't ever rush.

Always keep in mind that if you will not move then you will remain in the same position as yesterday. But if you move now... even if the movement is not making a large impact, it is still making an impact.

Sometimes it is uncomfortable but the moment you finish your task.. you will feel like you're in heaven, you will become proud of yourself even if the accomplishment is just little. A lot of people can't move even if they are healthy and their body parts are complete, they were completely paralyzed for unknown reasons. So if you are moving and taking right actions then you have something to be proud of. Simply moving will make you feel good and proud.

Inch by inch, little by little, brick by brick. Any style will do, any movement will give you improvement. It is all about sticking with the process and finishing what you are ought to finish. Everything is easy if you are committed. Commit to taking actions, never stop until you succeed.

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