March 03, 2017


If you want something to be proud of, something that comes from the inside and not from the outside... make a streak and never break it, try to keep it alive as long as you can.

There are few people who can run everyday in one year, that is 365 days a year, it is hard but it is possible. You can't make excuses here if you really want it. It can rain but you can run on a treadmill, if you don't have the treadmill then wait for the rain to stop. What matters is you run everyday regardless of where place you are running. You can run inside, you can run outside, don't stop running, you can even run after your work.

You can choose any streak you want. It can be about building a new skill or simply learning something, it can be also about making money or just simply eating an apple a day. Any streak can change your life, it will give you confidence in some ways.

Because very few people can make a streak, some people can make it up to seven days, some people can make it up to one month and some people cannot even start at all. It takes hardcore commitment and dedication to maintain a streak.

How to maintain a streak:

1. Don't ever talk about it. Just keep it to yourself, not talking about it will lessen the pressure in you to keep doing it, you will also move because you want it and not because people are expecting you to do it. A lot of people who declared in social media that they will do something everyday ended up doing it for just a few days, it is because once nobody is interested in what they are doing anymore... they lose motivation and appetite. And also, keeping it to yourself is more exciting because people will notice the change in you naturally, they will ask you what you are doing because your life is improving. That creates more excitement than telling the world that you are doing something great.

2. Destroy all your excuses. Do it no matter what, even if you feel tired or stress... do it. Once you made a streak for at least one month... it will be very hard for you to stop it. You will do it even if you are sick or drunk. The more your streak gets longer, the more you would love to keep it alive. So do it even if your feet and arms were too heavy.

3. Make a designated time for it. Assigned a specific time for it and once you see that it is already time... jump in, do it even if you are talking to someone on the phone, do it even if you are cooking your dinner. Just do it. Assigning a specific time will make you more discipline, you will be able to arrange your schedule in a very nice and organized way.

Having a streak will give you a direction, it will make you discover your purpose in life and what you really want. It will strengthen your endurance, you will become very good in pursuing goals. You will become mentally tough and successful.

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