March 05, 2017


If your energy is not flowing, if you're stuck in a mud and you can't do something about it, sometimes you need to make a mistake if that's the only thing you think you can do. It's not that your original intention from the start is to make a mistake without trying your best, what I mean is you need to take a risk and never care if you will become successful or not.

If you're being benched by your coach and he is not seeing your hardwork and dedication... it is time to make a mistake just to alter some momentum. You need to take more shots during practice even if he is not telling you to do so. You have to show that you really want it. If you're given a chance to play for a few minutes in the game... make as many shots as you can even if it is not the play. It is either you make it or not, if you made some few of them then good, maybe he will think that you deserve some more playing time. If you missed a lot of shots and he got mad... it is a good situation again because he might trade you to another team and you might get more minutes there. It is a win-win situation for you. So go ahead and make mistakes as much as you can. If you will not act courageous enough and do something about your situation because you're so afraid that things might get worse then you'll never able to change your situation, you will remain in that bad spot until you get old and weak.

Just like in business, if you keep losing money in your business because you're doing the same thing over and over again then it is time for you to try something new, create mistakes because that mistake will teach you a lesson, it will show you the right way. You may lose bigger money but one thing is for sure... you will be able to create another path where the energy will flow.

The energy or momentum in what you're doing is not flowing because you keep on accepting that things are just like that, you accepted that you already did everything you can but results were just not showing. There are plenty of things that you can do to change your situation, even making a mistake will get the job done. Just alter something and you will get a different thing.

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