March 29, 2017


If no motivational video, website, pictures, quotes etc. is working for you anymore look at your surroundings, what ugly piece in your life do you have?, what circumstances in your life that are ugly but you know you can change if you work hard?

Do your mother wants a nicer house but you cannot give it? Do your wife wants a better life but you can't give it? It is not that you cannot give it you just don't want to give it because you don't push yourself enough.

The most important people in your life are complaining because they want something but you can't give it, they want comfort but all you can give is discomfort. Look at them and feel guilty, feel guilty about being lazy.

The truth is you can do better than that, you can have a better life but you are not working enough to get what you need. You were completely satisfied being a bum and having less.

Find something that will make you feel guilty because you're not working hard, find something that will give you emotions and will force you to move. Is it your hungry younger brother? is it your angry mother? is it your wife that wears old and ugly shoes because you can't buy here a new pair? There are millions of things that will make you feel guilty, all you need is pick one thing that makes you guilty the most.

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