March 18, 2017


It is better to be silent but making it rather than be loud but will fall in just a matter of time. I am not saying that all loud people are failing, there are some who were also successful but most of them were completely jokes and just riding they hype that they made themselves.

If you are really making it, if you are really working hard... it is better to be silent because all of the hype does is put pressure on your shoulders. They will guard all of your actions, they will watch your mistakes and make fun of you every time you fail and it will only demotivate you and make you feel bad in the end.

Anyone can create a buzz, anyone can become loud and pretend to be great but the question is... can you really make it to the top? can you really live up to the hype that you spread everywhere? if all you can do is talk then you better prepare yourself because a lot of people will hate you especially when you fail.

You must only talk if you are ready to die in order to become successful, only few people can do it. If you are willing to die and give your life then go ahead and talk a lot but if you will forget everything you said especially when the situation gets hard... then you're just a joke, you're nothing but a fraud wannabe and attention seeker.

There are some people who were completely silent but making it, they let their actions do the talking, they let their success be the talk of the town, they don't need to publish it to the newspaper, spectators and people who loves gossips will do the job for them.

Just stay humble, down to earth because it will give you lesser problems. You don't need to broadcast all of your achievements because those are nothing. People who were bigger than you will just laugh at you because they are not even bragging about their success yet you are acting like a golden boy, some people were bigger than you but they keep their mouth shuts because they knew being loud will just create problems.

People will talk about you if you are really good, you don't need to force them to know what you are doing and how are you doing.

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