March 13, 2017


Being sick is not really bad, you can become sick in a much nicer way. Feeling sick or looking like sick doesn't mean there is no good thing or benefit behind it.

When people say "that was sick" after finishing something, it means you've done a good job and they were impressed at you. It is better to get that compliment than to look like really sick because you can'e even execute a single and simple movement. "that was sick" is better than "are you sick?". If people asked you if you were sick then it simply means you are wick and you cannot even do simple things. So choose if you want people to say to you "that was sick" or "are you sick?". It is up to you, it is a matter of giving your very best and taking risks to do some rare things that will amaze people.

It is better to look a little bit sick by working hard and pushing yourself to the limits rather than looking sick because you're not doing anything, in other words you become sick by being lazy. If you developed a lazy habit then you will feel weak everyday. Literally, you will really look like a sick person because you were always sleeping every now and then. You will look slow and unproductive which defines a real sick person. You will feel very heavy because your mind was already programmed to not move and not take actions to make your life better.

It is better to look thin and a little bit sick because of dieting and cutting weight than to look sick because of obesity and other disease. You can look sick because you're on your way of getting healthy or you can look sick because you're really dying.

Sometimes you will get sick because of hardwork and sacrificing for a better cause but wait for a few more days and you are stronger again, getting sick because of hardwork and sacrifice will give you a better life, you will become stronger and better than yesterday while getting sick because of laziness will just kill you little by little.

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