March 23, 2017


A lot of people wants to be ready before they try something, the truth is this... sometimes over preparation will lead to depression. You prepare and prepare, practice and practice but what did you accomplished... NOTHING. You will feel frustrated because you can't see any progress, why? because you are not even trying to win. You are just preparing to win but the truth is you are so afraid to fail that is why you are making preparation as an excuse for you not to try.

A lot of people will make themselves ready, they will even make a timeline before they expose themselves but they end up hiding forever and pretending to be doing something. They are making people wait, they are making people believe that when they're ready... they are going to dominate and make a boom. But that hype doesn't come into fruition because over preparation leads to exhaustion.

So the best thing to do is throw yourself out there and do what you are suppose to do. Forget about if you are ready or not, forget about winning or losing, all you have to do is throw yourself out there and wait for the results. If you will not force yourself to make a move then you will be stuck in a mud forever. You will wait, practice, prepare and then grow old accomplishing nothing.

It is better to lose and see what is possible than to have a perfect record but wondering forever if you can succeed or not.

Success is not about who is the most prepared, it is about who wants to win the most. Preparation is good but being over prepared is not. Over preparation is just an excuse, sometimes you will even got hurt because of over preparing.

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