March 14, 2017


If you can't get what you want, if you can't even see the shadow of your dreams... it means you are not pushing strong enough, it means your effort is too weak and you need a little more pushing until something show on your way.

How strong is your will power? that is the biggest question. Because if you really have will power then you will keep on trying even if it hurts really bad, you will never stop until you become successful. Some people thinks that they are trying so hard but the truth is their efforts were like efforts of babies. Their pace is too slow, their efforts were to soft. They were satisfied of just simply working a little bit just to tell themselves that they give heir best.

What will you do if you really can't see results despite of working for so long? the answer is very simple... keep pushing and pushing till something show on your way. Because if you will not do it, if you keep stopping very now and then, nothing will happen to your life. You will be labelled as a failure, do you want that? So stop stopping and start moving, keep grinding and pushing until your goal quit and submit itself to you.

Force yourself to move, force yourself to create actions. You will feel better in a while especially if you found yourself doing everything you can. It is very simple, just take actions towards your dreams and that's it. If it is not about your dreams then stop doing it.

For sure, something will show on your way as you keep on pushing and pushing. It is impossible that you will not get results if you are working super hard. Hard work is the guarantor of success, not luck nor connections. hard work will get the job done. You don't have to worry anymore if you are working hard everyday.

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