March 03, 2017


The moment you wake up.. you should start fast and jump immediately to the most important things. You should do the things that you needed to do and set aside the less important things.

Because the reality is you will get tired no matter how strong or young you are. You will become sleepy and your body will ask for rest. You're not a machine so stop acting or expecting that you will be a machine for the day.

In any given day... your mind and body can only work at its full capacity for 12-17 hours and that is when you're really driven and motivated. After that time span... your body will become very tired and it will ask for a rest.

So don't ever think about doing your tasks later because you think you are still fresh. Do it now because you will become tired and sleepy in a short moment. If you've wasted your first 5 hours then you already wasted your day. I guarantee you, you will never accomplish anything for the day, you will not do something significant for your dreams.

A lot of people's mindset is to relax for the moment and work hard later which usually never happens, when they feel sleepy... they will think that they will just take a nap only to find out that they already slept for long hours. They will consider it a day and will promise to work hard tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes... they will do the same shit. That is they cycle of their life, it is a rat race.

Push the pace now, work hard now while you are still strong and have the energy to keep going. You will  become tired in a moment so take the opportunity while your body is still at its best.

Your body knows when to work and when to rest, you should be always be aware when to use it so you will get better results.

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