March 03, 2017


They say that having too much pride is bad, I say it's not if you use your pride in the right way. There is nothing wrong in having too much pride especially if it is igniting your fire and it makes you move towards the right directions.

You can have pride if you are willing to fight for your right and if you have what it takes to carry yourself and not be dependent from other people. 

It's like you don't want help from others because you don't want to look weak. You know you can do it yourself and you are willing to make improvements in your life. You are willing to work and claim what do you think is yours. It's not being arrogant or something, you just trust yourself too much and you believe that you can really do it. That is using pride in the right way, you are not being a burden to others and you are willing to work your ass off to prove them that you can stand for yourself and the people that trusts you. 

Pride is wrong if you're acting like a rockstar but you don't want to move. You feel like you're entitled of special treatment but you are not doing something about your situation. You're already down but you still feel like your're up. You don't have anything anymore but you still choose not to be humble. You feel your're great but you can't prove anything, this kind of pride is the pride of losers. They want to look good and act like they have a big name but they can't do something to carry themselves. Literally, these kind of people are the spoiled brats and has a support for very long time then their support suddenly was cut out and they cannot adjust to their situation. 

Have pride if you are willing to work super hard and not ask for anyone's help. Have pride if you are willing to die just to prove that you're a good person and you can do something to make a change. Have pride if you can carry yourself and no matter what your situation is... you will still keep doing the right thing. 

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