March 08, 2017


Sometimes if you can't see progress in your project, journey or anything that you do... you have to pretend that you are progressing, you have to make yourself feel better by seeing small improvements.

For example, if you are cutting weight... you have to see that your weight is decreasing. But what if you are scaling everyday and you can't see any deductions from your weight? What if you are doing your best, you are running everyday, you are dieting and still you cannot see any decrease in your weight? The solution is this... wear the clothes that didn't fit to you anymore because you already become fat. Wear it and force it to fit into your body. Think that it is already fitting into your body because you are getting thinner little by little. Make yourself feel that somehow you are looking good again with the clothes that doesn't look good to you anymore because you are getting sexier.

So if you are studying something and you feel that you are not learning anything... stop thinking about it. Always think that you are progressing. For example, if you can't get a certain topic in math... pretend that you can solve problems. Just write something on your paper and try to think as hard as you can, don't get frustrated, don't give up. Just simply writing something that you know is already a progress, it is just a matter of pushing a little bit and a little bit until you forge something positive. It can be very little, the progress may not do any impact but it is still a progress.

The key here it so trick your mind that you are progressing. Even if you're not seeing any results... if you stay on the process then you can make progress. Once you are taking actions and you are not stopping, the progress will show in just a matter of time. Never think about stopping, just do what you are doing and you will see it in the end. The results that you are dreaming of will fall into your hands. Just push a little harder than yesterday, make a movement so you will see improvement.

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