March 29, 2017


I've heard a million plans that doesn't come into fruition. A lot of people were just good in making plans but when it comes to execution... they're like clowns, they were just a joke.

How many of you talks about the business that you are going to build? but you didn't even started it, you didn't even take the first step. You were just good in impressing your friends, you talk about your very detailed plan and how are you going to do it but months have passed by and you haven't accomplished anything yet. You didn't make any progress, you didn't make any improvement, you even haven't made the logo of your business, you're so funny.

How many of you talks about changing your life, you talk about the process, you talk about the path and changes that you are going to make but years have passed by and you haven't change any part of your life. Your hairstyle remains the same, your bad eating habits remains the same, your shitty car remains the same. Everything in your life remains the same. What happen to your plan? did you bury it?

Planning means procrastinating, planning can't get the job done. It serves as an excuse to not take actions. You keep on planning but you haven't started anything yet. Planning is just talk, it will never lead you to anywhere.

So instead of planning why don't you just do it? why don't you just take the first step and see how far can you go?

All the planning does is make you refrain from taking actions, it is only delaying the progress. Planning is only good to hear but you can never see anything from it.

Planning is for losers, planning is for excuse makers. The doers never plan, they just execute right away, they never procrastinate.

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