March 09, 2017


The truth is.. you only need a few friends. Some people wants a lot of friends only to find out that they only need 2 or three friends. There are lot of fake people nowadays, they will pretend that they are your friend especially if they need something from you. If they can't use you anymore then they will just ignore you like a garbage in the corner. Here are the perks of having lesser number of friends:

1. Less people will try to borrow some money from you. It is really frustrating if there are lot of people who will borrow some money from you especially if the money is not returning. With less friends.. you will not always worry if there is someone who will borrow some money from you.

2. Lesser obligations. If you have a lot of friends you will be obligated to go to different events that you don't really like, and you will always go because you're a pleaser. You don't want your friends to get mad at you that is why you have a lot of friends, you please all of them and you give them what they want.

3. All of your friends were true. In life, even if you know millions of people... you will only have 1 or 2 true friends so if you have lesser friends it means you like all of them because you already selected them according to your personal qualification. It means almost all of them were true. The ratio is very simple... if you have a lot of friends you will also have a lot of fake friends.

4. More time for yourself. Having a lot of friends means a lot of people will ask for your time. You will be forced to have fun if you don't want to have fun, you will be forced to listen to a lot of problems even if you don't want to. Having lesser friends will give you a more peaceful life because lesser people will be asking for your time.

5. Your relationship with your friends will be more special. Unlike having more friends, your relationship with your few friends will be special because you have a lot of time knowing them, sharing life with them and making your relationship grow. If you have a lot of friends... your relationship with them will not become deep because your time will be divided more. You will not even know what is happening to some of your friends.

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