March 18, 2017


Come to think of it... people who are always rushing are the ones who are broke. It is because they are not on the state of abundance, they always think that they lack the time and they can't do what they are suppose to do. They were always in a hurry that is why they commit a lot of mistakes. Their heads were so hot, they were not organized and they always instigate a fight.

The lesson is... if you want to finish fast, if you want to arrive in your destination right away... you will commit a lot of errors in anything that you do. Look at the people who were always involved in a traffic accident... the reason for their accident is because they are rushing, they thought that they can always get away if they overtake another vehicle, they feel good when they are leading, they don't know that rushing is the number one cause of accident.

People who are experiencing financial problems, they are always rushing too. They are rushing to go to the mall if there is a sale item even though they don't have money. They rush to buy everything that they desire, they don't know the perfect timing. They let their desires control them, they never control their desires. Look at those couples who married early, do you think it is their plan? no, they got married because of unplanned pregnancy, and what happens after that? divorce or constantly arguments about money. It is because they rush to have good feelings, they don't take it slow, they just let their desires dominate them.

If you rushing for something... you will never like the results because you will make a lot of mistakes, it is simply because they perfect execution didn't happened. Take your time, you need to live with the moment, you have a lot of time, you just need to manage it very well.

People who are rushing can't make things happen because they lack the discipline. They are rushing to go to work and avoid being late because they wake up late, why? because they sleep late because of partying, doing stupid stuffs etc. They are rushing because they waste a lot of time. So the conclusion is... if you are not wasting your time now... you will have a lot of time allowance, as simple as that.

You need to check yourself if you are rushing and if you are... it means there is something wrong in your life, there is something wrong in your mindset. It is either you are doing something bad or you are not managing your time very well. You can move fast but you should know the difference between moving fast and rushing. Moving fast means you have confidence and all of your moves were calculated, you are breathing smoothly and there are no worries inside of your head. While rushing, on the other side means you are forcing things, you don't know what you are doing and you just move in auto pilot, you are breathing heavily and you always see the obstacles that are making you slower, you are struggling and you can't move lightly. No matter how strong or fast you are, if you are rushing... you will not be able to use all of your strength.

Make your own timing, you can do it if you are well prepared and you already do things or tasks that will give you the luxury to take your time.

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