March 05, 2017


People are changing you, you just don't know it because you were already manipulated by their comments, suggestions and critics. You follow them to the extent that you don't know yourself anymore.

You follow them because you are so afraid of being judged. You are so afraid that they will get mad at you and won't talk to you anymore. In other words you are becoming a slave to them, you don't like it but you're not doing something about it.

You're a vibrant person, you love wearing colorful and weird shirts but because people are telling you that your fashion us ugly and funny... you change your style. You follow what they say, you follow the trend even if you are against it. You let them change your culture and personality. You gave your unique power to them.

You're smart and studying hard before, you are following your parents but because you become friends with kids who are lazy, rude and noisy... you become one of them too, they are bullying you if you are not behaving like them, they wanted you to be like them that is why you follow them. You think it is cool to be one of them and that forces you to adapt their behaviors, they change you and you let them do it.

You're a kind and generous person but because your friends and other relatives are abusing you by always borrowing money from you and asking help from you... you changed. You change because you don't want to be abused anymore, you want more time for yourself and use your money for your own good.

Peer pressure and the pressure to change is what makes you change. People around you will make you change your true personality if you allow them to.

It's ok if you change for the better but if you change for the worse then you should know the people who you are dealing with, kick out in your life the people that are moving you in the wrong direction. You should not listen to what other people say, you should not follow them especially if they are not making your life better.

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